Unique ARTWORK FOR SALE in a variety of genres.

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2149 Putting out Feelers by Vivien Maule

Small abstract, mixed media works on panel.

New Works 2021

Abstract 2021 & Landscape 2021.

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Small acrylic on panel with landscape focus.

Finally Falling (to a place of rest) - by Vivien Maule

Large scale paintings on paper/canvas – mixed media

Floral Textile Pictures in mixed media & stitch

Textile based sculptures & wall pictures – re Birch

  • Stained Glass 2 in situ - Vivien Maule
  • Earth Stories 11 - Vivien Maule
  • Small abstract mixed media painting on paper, mounted but unframed, in blue, green & orange. Ready to be framed.
  • Stained Glass 6 - Vivien Maule
  • Earth Stories 7 - Vivien Maule

Smaller Paintings on paper including Twilight Stories, Earth Stories and Stained Glass series.

ABSTRACTION 2020 – series of mixed works on paper in subtle palette, framed and unframed.